Agència Catalana de Turisme


    Registration will be open from 24 May to 2 July, and the sum of 100€ must be paid by credit card. This payment will under no circumstances be refunded, except for participants that are not confirmed.


    The Catalan Tourist Board will confirm participation at the end of June.


    Scheduling of operators — From 20 August onwards, operators can choose a maximum of ten meetings with the registered Catalan companies they are interested in via the private area of the Buy Catalunya website. For access, you will need a username (the participant's registration email) and a password, given in the registration process.

    Scheduling of Catalan participants — In early September, the Catalan companies will begin to establish their schedules and will be able to choose a maximum of ten appointments.

    The schedules will be opened up for unlimited appointments for all the participants between 17 and 18 September, for both Catalan companies and operators.

    Each participant will have a maximum of 20 appointments.